Song Of The Prairie Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Sadly they aren’t. We can only view the helpers stats via workstation or immigration log in guild building

Is there any possibility of updating this trainer for these problems:

  1. Game version update 0.5.18 - trainer no longer works.
  2. Game load crash if the trainer is activated
  3. Helper stats modification when in workstation status


The helpers will level up on their own. Thats the fun part.I dont think you need a trainer for that. You can also dupe this potion that makes them more powerful/gives more points.

OP has done amazing job with this trainer. I am sure he will update it when the game gets to a more stable version without changing everything around every 2 days as now

when will the cheat update please? The game has updated, the cheats no longer working…


Mods don’t work after most recent update. Fix pretty Please!

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I have noticed that even without mods the game is a bit Buggy. Usually if there is a cut scene my game will freeze up or crash without the Wemod Activated. since the game is still in development, I hope they fix these issues early on.

how long do you think before the next update will be available?

The Song Of The Prairie cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
  • Updated notes

Yay Thank you!

Internet human I offer you the biggest of props for updating this again I thought for sure you’d put it in time out for the foreseeable future due to the devs hecking about. I appreciate your work on this trainer so much! Thank you.


Hi! When will the next update be available? :slight_smile:

The Mods are not working. Please fix it, please…:smiling_face:

All mods are not working. Fix it please!

Every time the game updates the mods break. I just roll the game back to the supported version. It’s crazy to update this for one bug fix that breaks the whole thing. Maybe update when there is a major update.

Every few updates, the game code changes completely and becomes a complete mess, breaking the trainer. Those updates will be skipped. The easiest way to know if the trainer will work or be supported, is to go to the game folder and check the GameAssembly.dll file. If the size is 100Mb+ then the trainer won’t work. Any size around 20Mb should be fine.


4/18/23 works for me

Excuse me why open cheater read archive must cause game crash?