Sons of The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam

In the console command, you can use ‘aigodmode on’ and that’s supposed to make Kelvin and Virginia unkillable.

And it makes enemy unkillable two!

Bought the game through Steam and each time I go to launch it, the Wemod app tells me that my version is not compatible… Why is that exactly? I have constant crashes using this trainer.

Same here with the compatible thing, asked but no answer yet!

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I keep getting the error “There was a problem loading the mods. If you didn’t close the game, your game version might not be compatible or you may have to allow WeMod through your firewall or anti-virus software.” Its on the approved list and it still keeps throwing that error and not working in game. Not sure how to handle this.

Game is crashing whenever i try to enable console, now im using Yumi to bypass it, and guess what the console is working.

Is this for the singleplayer only or for playing with a friend aswell hosting a game?

Todays update has disabled some of the features such as Unbreakable Armor and Damage Multiplier.

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hey there was another update and not everything works anymore, who would be nice if you could do that

due to the new update is better to update the trainer too

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how does it work

Theyre being updated currently, should be done in a day or soon.

The Sons of The Forest cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Infinite Temperature, Immune to Fire, No Item Limit, Infinite Fuel don’t appear to be working.

Make sure you’re using the latest game and trainer version. Those mods broke with the game update and were fixed on the last trainer update. So if you’re using either an old game version or an old trainer version, those won’t work.
Click ‘History’ under the ‘Play’ button and make sure you choose the last one from with the ‘3/24/23’ date.

Oh, okay. Never had to do that before but it did help. Thanks.

Thanks for the quick update!

[This happened in coop game that a friend of mine is hosting]

After creating a camp fire, i tries to light it, but it does not catch fire.

Attempting to remove a log attached in the building process fails because the log is not actually removed, even though an effect sound is heard when trying to remove it.

After completing a building in Bookbuild, the building suddenly becomes transparent and invisible.

These are occur when i’m not the host.
In other words, if try to build something with wemod cheat from someone else’s game, it will get a glitch.
But they were working correctly before the recent update came in.

[Of course I know that wemod is not made to be played in COOP,
but I know many people use wemod for COOP play.]

No item limit and infinite fuel still is broken, and I have both the latest game version, and trainer is the updated version on WeMod.

EDIT: Also, it seems that the edit hovered items cheat no longer works either. This update broke a few things, when the last version worked perfectly.

Running into performance issues, getting slow frames and lag from inputs, only an issue while using wemod, anyone else experiencing this?