Spartacus Legends

Game Title: Spartacus Legends

Game ID: 58411256

Mods Wanted: Gold, silver, fans maybe and wins/losses

GameSave: StoryAutosave
Some things may be on the GPD unsure what though, but can upload if necessary.

Additional Comments:
Gold: 1
Silver: 258
Fans: Doesn’t say again.
Exp: Unsure how much EXP I have doesn’t say just gives your level.
I am level 2

Would enjoy this to be modded because I am not spending 12000 MSP on 3000 gold.

Watch this all it’ll take is to hex edit the game

Not sure if this will work.

It is your save, and if it worked, with 15,000 silver.

Here’s another save, one that MIGHT have edited your Gold, I honestly have less faith in this one than the other one.

Ok will check them both out now and report back in 10 mins.

Edit: Could take a while the servers suck.

Another Edit: Silver save doesn’t work. Says corrupted.

And Another Edit: Gold save doesn’t work either. Also says corrupted.

I wonder if it checks back with the server, and if it doesn’t match then it says its corrupt.

Maybe because when I go into the game, after it corrupts I just make a new save and it has all my silver and gold on it I had.
I have another account I can try change the ID’s since I not played the game on that account yet and see if they work on that…

Is there all ready a mod tool for this?

No, the game just came out.

I looked at my save, and gold and silver are always at the same offset it seems:


So basically it can not be altered…
Unless they can only be altered in the GPD…
I have no idea what I am talking about but just suggestions.
Going to try what i stated in my post above try another account with the modded save.

i think this game is all serverside.

Think it is.
Just started a whole new game on my other profile with that modded gamesave and it said it was, so unless he got it wrong, then yeah it is server sided.

does that mean there will be no modding/hex editing at all?

Try disconnecting your console when you play the game?
Load your save, and go from there and connect to Xbox live.

Bahaha you obviously haven’t played this game, you have to connect to the server before loading your save.

Hence the question marks.
I don’t even own an Xbox, lol.


yea pretty sure you have to be online to even load the game past the main menu, but I’m going to try and hex edit it anyway.

and @ Sean what did you hex edit and rehash/resign it with?

Hex Workshop and Horizon.

Using Horizon to extract the file, then hex editing with Hex Workthop.
I’m going to test loading a non-edited save (but one that isn’t mine) next to see how that works.

Well just download my gamesave.
I will try take a look round and see if there is a checksum on the save like EA games and other games like.
Ill let use now if I find anything.

Doesn’t seem like there is any way to mod this game.

All I did was take your save, and signed it to my profile, and the save loaded. The only problem is that it loaded all of my stats, so the game still checks serverside and downloads your “correct” data.

I really don’t see why this game even stores a local save, as there really doesn’t seem to be a point.