STAR WARS Empire at War - Gold Pack (Forces Of Corruption) Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Great set of cheats. But it seems to cause a specific crash with the Zann Consortium faction. Whenever I try to conduct a corruption mission (with a defiler) it crashes at the loading screen. This is not a problem with the Empire or Rebellion factions.

Maybe an Instant Build cheat would be good as well, since some ships and structures take some time to build and it would be good to have an otpion to decrease that building time.

Cant get unlimited units capacity on FOC ? help

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I first off want to thank MrAntiFun and WeMod team for making this mod for EaW: Gold Pack. Though I have to say that at times, the mods provided at this time only seem to work when they want when activated. I was wondering if and when there might be a new update, because in a few missions either Inf health works or doesn’t and keep loosing units even if it’s activated.

P.S. Not worried to much about unit cap and money hack works just fine :slight_smile:

Is there any way for this to work on the GOG version?

can this be updated with a disable ai cheat for the one with 3 cheats

Hey people, I was wondering if there could be a cheat added to Steam FOC? The infinite unit cap would be nice and I was also wondering if there was the ability to make a cheat to disable cooldowns on skills?

Honestly, I’m even willing to learn how to do it but don’t know where to start

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Would it be possible to update the Money cheat to above 99999? Also, if possible, the requested Unlimited Units? Thank you again for the great work.


need fast build and unlimit unit cap

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unlimited units for forces of corruption would be good if possible don’t know if anyone works on this trainer anymore though