STAR WARS Empire at War - Gold Pack (Forces Of Corruption) Cheats and Trainer for Steam

sad, if they worked on it again it might be easier cusi dont think the games gonna update either, but i wouldve loved to see inf pop cap and money to be set higher instead of 99999

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i personally just want the inf health back , the pop cap could be good , suppress , liberate or corrupt the galaxy in force :slight_smile:

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For everyone that mainly just want the infinite health back.

1. Go to the WeMod app
2. Press the History tab in the upper right corner under play
3. Select the Previous version --((3/12/23))-- and play with that one selected.

It still works and i fully believe the only reason for the update was so they can add unlimited shields which broke both health and shield. If they won’t update it then we might as well go back to a previous version where it worked

Do you mean 12/2/23? because that’s the previous version listed for me.

Oh the game is likely to update again end of the year tho. Mainly bugfixes like autoresolve bug with more than 3 faction etc. Baiscally just modder requested changed

Doesnt work. Hardpoints break. Idk why it works for you but for stream it clearly doesnt.

eh . I guess the date don’t matter , it’s just the second from the top of that list (or the previous update at least )

So what you are saying is that this mod is just scuffed in general . Current one doesn’t work , previous ones work for some and not for others . An update can’t come soon enough

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Its been in this broken state for month now… the inf shields was literally added to mitigate the inf health being broken. But its useless due to torps bypassing shields unless you play EaWX

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Hey is it possible to have infinite unit capacity in ground, space and galactic?


Really, need an update function on this site, mods have been broken for at least 4 months and haven’t seen anything on fixing them, wonder if they know they don’t work?

Hi, Are you using the mods online/multiplayer? Do the mod options toggle On? Please share more info with us.

I myself play singleplayer. The Infinite Health option works on ships that do not have hardpoints and most vehicles, with infantry and hardpoints on ships and vehicles still taking damage leading to that unit being destroyed, with the Infinite Shields doing nothing to protect them given that missiles/rockets penetrate shields. The exception to this is the EAWX mod series due to them removing shield penetration.

All the options toggle on Green and Infinite Health works to and extent but as I stated above not 100% on infantry and none at all on Hardpoints

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