STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor Cheats and Trainer for EA

As soon as I turn mods on, the game crashes. I’ve tried everything…


Hey my game freezes when i get exp and the option that shows the current exp goes up while the game is frozen so i am asking if there is a way to remove it or just make it so that it just shows the current exp without it going up and freeze the game

it’s currently crashing my game. EA version

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Is there anyway we could get straight up flying mods? Cause these fractured area parkour tests are driving me insane

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With the latest EA update it works again.

Completely reinstalled the game to try to fix freezing issues. As soon as I start WeMod, the game crashes within a few seconds.

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All seems to be working, except unlimited force doesn’t apply when using duel wielding Y ability

the trainer freeze the game, without it, the game runs great

This MOD no longer works. As soon as Jedi launches and loads to the main screen. I then goto Options, then load the MOD. As soon as I go back to playing the game, it immediately CRASHES!!!

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I agree. BRING BACK THE FLYING MOD! Jumping at 1000 or higher makes certain puzzles impossible.

Constantly crashing on EA app. Game will load just fine but as soon as it starts the optimization, it crashes immediately.