Stardew Valley Cheats and Trainer for Steam

so unlimited items cheat doesnt work, and i keep getting the message that
“these mods may not work with your current game version” but everything is up to date.


Can we get a cheat who enables easy fish catching?


btw, why were in the past much much many cheats and now they’re dissapeared?


Is it possible to get an update to Stardew Valley?

And I appreciate it guys that you heart react my questions but it would be great if you would vote for an update too xD


The Trainer is out of date and does not work with the steam version :slight_smile: please update if you can thanks


Yeah, I agree with that!


Please, add back the super speed


Can we please get and update with new cheats please? Super speed and instant catch fish was great! Also freeze timer was cool!


i would love to see a freeze on the time if it all possible, please. Thank you.

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If no one is opposed, I recommend downloading a couple mods from Nexus like the fishing one, Time and speed. As for the unlimited cheat, I figured out a way to get more unlimited items like ores, bars, etc. Just turn the cheat on while in game and place the item you want to have more of on your table. Pick up and put down until the mod kicks in and starts duplicating it then just hold down the button and it will quickly give you the items.

For a reason that I cannot think of, the GOG mod launcher does not fully work with the GOG version, but the Steam mod launcher does fully work with the GOG version :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:

None of the mods want to stay on =/

Bro,It’s so old that I can’t run it.Please update it.

This trainer needs an update, lots of the stuff ain’t working besides the money, and max skills skip the upgrades/unlockable recipes you get

please update. unlimited energy is not working. thanks.

Just jumped back on and noticed none of the old cheats were there that covered all bases. Bring them back please.

@MrAntiFun what would it take for a 32-bit update? Maybe with some new mods like relationship multiplier? It’s been 2 years…

The game is on 64 bit now, what would the point of making it for 32 bit at this point?

Since it says the game’s been updated, it’d be nice to see if the mods could be updated. That said, I’d especially enjoy the ‘increased movement speed’ mod back. That was my go-to change for playing the game normally…