Starfield Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

I have that same issue, the boost cheat isnt working.

Would it be possible to add levels to the powers?

I’m getting no sound effects or voice audio when i use the trainer now

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Use the search button before posting please. This has already been addressed multiple times, including just slightly above a few posts.

:point_right: Starfield Cheats and Trainer for Xbox - #128

launch game first then tab out and click play on trainer

How do I input hot keys while playing starfield with game pass ultimate? Do I need to install the game on wemod? Not sure what to do.

Either launch the game first, then WeMod, or launch the game via WeMod. Make sure that it says “Playing”.

Would be handy to have an Invisible cheat for the stealth missions

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Here you go @treadhead777: Quick Start Guide :slight_smile:

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I tried that, thank you for the help, I think the problem is that I access the game through game pass because I don’t have the pc version of the game and I don’t have wemod pro.

After I power my Xbox up, then power up my laptop, also, I don’t have the pc version of the game. I open up wemod, it tells me to either install the game or play with game pass. After starting the game through wemod, everything runs fine but at that point I don’t know how to activate the hot keys.

All I get is “launching with cloud gaming”

Trainers are for PC games, not console games. I see the confusion because of the thread title stating the game is for the “Xbox” version, but “Xbox” is also how Microsoft refers to their PC games now as well as console games.

If you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you should have access to Starfield. Download & install the game on your PC. Then press the Play button in the WeMod desktop software.

To activate cheats without Pro, you need to use the keyboard hotkeys. On the far right of the trainer, these are listed. Press the corresponding key or key combination on your keyboard to activate and deactivate the cheats as required.

the cheats needs update, since The just got an update

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no issue with last version of the game
maybe ladders (since beginning), but i never use that

yeah used it after the update everything still works last time i checked

Has the crashing when going up ladders been a thing since the get? I was just coming to mention it as a possible post update bug since I didn’t notice it before - but I also wasn’t too involved with my ship building before.

had it some times since beginning, i’m always using jetpack to climb to avoid those freeze/crash

o.0 why…are you playing video games and not taking over the world and why did that never even occur to me?! I’ma go make you a Hero Cookie - whole batch of 'em!

I too have that same issue; I just use the jetpack. Also using rapid fire freezes the game for few seconds.