Starship Troopers - Terran Command Cheats and Trainer for Steam

As of now Unlimited Units Health, Instant Ability Cooldown, Unlimited Supplies, and Unlimited War Support don’t work. The rest work as intended.

They don’t activate or no effect?

seems to work fine, try to start up the game first then press Play on the app.

Hi @MrAntiFun the comments above are correct only certain cheats work, unlimited health and supplies does not. Slider won’t activate. :frowning:

Have been, sir, but some of the cheats turn off by themselves and will auto-turn off instantly when I try to activate them. But again, I have nothing negative to say so no worries.

The cheats haven’t even worked for me. WeMod just keeps loading after I click play and no matter where my game is (campaign, main menu, or before launch) the application never loads the mods.

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Hi @MrAntiFun,So every time I open the game for the first time, it is very successful and the mods are working until the next day when I press play, the game is still running normally but wemod loads the mod and after a few minutes it gives an error saying there are a lot of errors. It’s say we having trouble opening the game or can’t find my game, can you help me to solve the problem, thanks for reading

can officially confirm that some cheats (even though activated) will not work after closing the game and going back into it at any point

I activated de Unlimited supplies but instead it gave me infinite war support…

game updated and now only “easy kill” and “instant dropship recharge” can work

Instant unit movment, easy kill and dropship recharge are the only ones that work now.

Okay this is weird, the cheats were working fine yesterday, but now whenever I start the game and load the campaign first before activating the cheats as instructed, everything excpet the instant dropship recharge just deactivates and when I try to re-activate them, I get the ‘Cannot load’ noise. Did something happen or do the mods need to be updated? @MrAntiFun

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I’ve got the same thing happening to me. I think its something to do with the achs being “unlocked” for non-opt in beta,

Just landed here for the same issues that are being reported within the last 24 hours. Everything was working 100% yesterday when I was playing. Tried to jump in today and only a couple of the cheats are working, Easy Kill and Dropship Recharge are the only two I can get working.

I think in honor of the anniversary of the game, the developers released a mini update that no one noticed. Now you can get achievements and not only in the open beta. We need to look at the commander’s hero in the game. Because he had old abilities in the release version, they were changed in beta and the icons were changed, if new, then there was definitely an update of the release version. So you need to update and cheats.

new game update the cheats don’t work!

no longer working

no longer working on recent update

I’m feeling sympathy for MrAntifun: having to rework this trainer every time there is an update…

I wish I could know enough to help him…

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Yeah same here. However I’m not sure I’d need to use the Wemod trainer if I was capable of doing it myself. Hopefully they can get this updated soon.