State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It is not just the weapons section that does not work, everything except for inf health now auto-deselects. Just a day or so ago it all worked now it doesn’t? What the heck? When are they gonna update the mod?

updated plz?

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Looks like they push an update on this game and no recoil, unlimited ammo better accuracy, no reload aint working but everything else is can we please have an update on this game thanks !!!

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Bonjour / Bonsoir
Une mise à jour est elle envisagée pour la version SoD 33


So I’ve ran some tests and Unlimited items, No recoil, No reload, Unlimited ammo and Better accuracy all activate but then deactivate straight away. Doesn’t matter if you activate them before going into your community. Also doesn’t have the required testing warning on the Steam or Xbox version anymore.

Looking forward to this being updated! Decided to go pro with the account just so i could bump it whenever it makes the list of upcoming updates

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The State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

the time of day mod is not working after the update

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Thats whats happening with me

Everytime I turn it on it still turns it off for me

Thank you for updating the mods! I can confirm that the mods are working now after game Update 33 except for the “Set Time of Day” mod, which was working with game Update 33 before the mod updates but not anymore.

Also, it would be a huge quality-of-life improvement and would reduce annoying repetitive announcements in the game if you change the “Unlimited Resources” mod so that it keeps the Food, Medicine, Ammo, Materials, and Fuel resources at their respective maximums allowed, which can change according to the base used, storage room upgrades, and so on. I guess one way of pinpointing their addresses can be changing the type of level-3 storage room upgrade to increase and decrease the maximum storage of each resource type repeatedly. This request is because storing a larger amount of those resources than allowed leads to resources “breaking” regularly and radio announcements about those breakages that can get really annoying with long playtime.

Alternatively, it may be easier to allow the user to set the static amount of each type of resource that they want using the typical WeMod slider.

can you make the ‘unlimited items’ cheat work like in the cheat menu for previous update 32?

for example:
-each time when consuming items with the cheat on, the amount of stuff in our pockets always gets from (for example) 2 to 10;
-remove the strange effect where after picking off clean any container in the location (with the cheat on), items replicate somehow and keep the container from being emptied

that’s all the notices I have about that option since I rely on it a lot when trying to sell off the overstack of medkits and toolkits, please - I hope this will get repaired rly quick

update: I just found out that the ‘no reload’ option was having a conflict with one of the mods I installed into the game and thus, it causes my game to freeze every time I start firing full auto into the Z’s. this is just unacceptable IMO…

MrAntiFun, am afraid we NEED to have a talk, unless you FIX THIS AND THE OTHER PROBLEM I mentioned in my previous post.


Well done, as usual sir. Thank you once again, and this time so quickly. You are MrJonyOnTheSpot

Not work trainer only time

Merci encore et toujours :smiley:

Hey @MrAntiFun There seems to be a problem with the ‘Unlimited Items’ cheat.

After looting a container, it is still lootable, however, the contents increase. The container never empty’s and the contents increase cumulatively, or double each time you search. I wasn’t checking the math sorry.

Basically, the container, no matter what it is, never becomes empty. And while I enjoy a good cheat and more so loot, this is annoying. It really puts you off wanting to searching anything as it can’t be emptied for you to move on.

It may sound strange, but it messes with my looting OCD lol.

Not sure why this was changed as it never did this before. Please change it back to one time looting.

Thank you :sweat_smile:

Hey, I’ve done so testing and the unlimited ammo and unlimited items cheats are clashing together. With the unlimited ammo on the reserve bullets stay the same which is good, but then with the unlimited items on it keep adding how ever many bullets you shot out of the mag. There also other problems with the unlimited items but people have already mentioned them so i wont say them again.
Many thanks, King.

hi, Unlimited Durability steam, please.