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I had a thought on an easy small thing you guys could do to make life a bit easier for Steam Deck users. I always thought that WeMod didn’t detect the Steam library because of how prefixes work, but prefixes have access to the rest of the filesystem through the Z drive, and today i just read on a separate forum post that WeMod searches for the default Steam location. And since there is no configuration files i can seem to find to change or add what locations it searches, could you guys add the Steam Deck location as one of the places WeMod will accept searching for automatically? My current solution is symlinking the steamapps folder to the game’s prefix. It’s Z:home/deck/.steam/steam

.steam is a hidden folder so if its not able to be accessed its a very simple matter for us to symlink steam to home/deck so its visible. Its just drag and drop, and then under copy and move is link. That would then be Z:home/deck/steam/, with just a note instructing the user to drag steam from .steam to deck before running WeMod.

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WeMod is not fully supported on the Steam Deck as of this time, at least with the SteamOS installed. We can’t really provide any assistance outside of a user-made thread here - My perfected and streamlined WeMod tutorial for Steam Deck

If it’s Windows, WeMod should scan and detect games from all drives, as it recognises games from my D: drive on my Steam Deck.

Hope this helps.

I know, but just adding that location as a possible place for it to search would make life a lot easier for us in the meantime. As far as I can tell we can’t add the location ourselves, i searched as extensively as i could for some sort of config file i might be able to add it to. From my understanding it seems to be a measure to make using WeMod on pirated games a bit harder, which is why I’m making a request here. I know its not officially supported on Steam Deck, but they told me that they plan to support it at some point. This should be as easy as placing the location in the list alongside the regular Windows Steam location, EGS, Uplay, etc. as just a possible place for WeMod to search for valid Steam installations. Just as far as I can tell its physically not something we can do ourselves. My workaround has been symlinking the steamapps folder to whichever prefix I’m in. It works, but this would be a big time saver, and apparently with my tutorial this is one of the things people seem to be struggling the most with.

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