Steel Division 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

You can request in either the support part of the forum or discord to have the trainer updated. i did this a few weeks ago and never heard back though

So the cheats of neither Normandy nor the main game are not updated?

Both are up to date.

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Thank You so much for updating this!!!

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god mode still isnt working neither does unlimited requisition points


God Mode suddenly stopped working.


Need some Updated, Godmode seems to work for the AI Sometimes…(Too) :disappointed_relieved: :scream:


update it PLZ :pensive: :sob:


Ditto, God mode doesn’t work for me. Would be nice to update, since there are no other trainers or mods that do it and still work. Since no one else has done it I’d assume it’s difficult though

Great trainer, but recently when I am trying to play the game it is not working with the trainer. Does anyone know why? I downloaded and re downloaded the game, same with wemods. I tried to activate the trainer at the game menu and during the game none of these worked.

does unlimited requisition points still not work for you?

Hi there,

Is the steel division 2 trainer working for anyone? More specifically the unlimited units and requisition points? Was working for me last week but suddenly stopped working. Tried every troubleshooting method.

Doeas the Steam Version runs for GOG too?

Can we please get a serious update to this? They’ve just released another expansion to the game, and unlimited requisition/unlimited General points hasn’t worked for any of the expansions for…well over a year now.

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It was working for me a few weeks ago and suddenly stopped working!

So i’m following this for quite some while and i have to tell you guys, please just cancel your subscriptions and dont give a damn about WeMod anymore. There are more games who have the same issues, where WeMod doesnt seem to bother to Update bugs, which are known for years. You can clearly see, that the godmode bug is an topic for discussion and complaints since at least January 2019 and 4 years later its still not fixed or an workaround was published. Nothing. Sometimes theres Mr.Anti-Fun showing up, mumbling about something about general bugfixes but all the complaints are still the same. And on top of that, if you take a look onto the website, where the cheats are promoted ( Steel Division 2 Cheats und Trainer für PC - WeMod ), you’ll notice that the comments are faked. So i decided for me, that WeMod doesn’t give a sh*t about the issues and the issues will always stay the same and i won’t support that financially. Wake up guys. There is clearly a need for an serious update, since at least according to the Posts of May 21 and it keeps getting ignored.

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have other trainers worked for you on other platforms?

I’m sorry that it is not working for you, but MAF cannot reproduce the issue, nor can any of the testers. Like any other trainer, if the trainer creator cannot reproduce the issue, they cannot fix it. The trainer has been tested this many times since the beginning of 2022 by 6 different testers. Issues were found twice and updated both times. If someone wants to provide all possible info about the issue (map, countries, when it quit working, etc.), then it gives the testers more to work with.

As far as the comments being fake, those aren’t fake. Those are the comments that users submit with the trainer feedback that pops up when they finish using a trainer.

So godmode was working for me yesterday but now isn’t working today for some reason. Unlimited ammo works.

Hi Chris, thank you for getting back to us.

The testers were able to play with unlimited points in both army general and battle?

Neither option has worked for me for the past few weeks. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps, redownloaded the game, activate the trainer at different intervals, but no luck in the game being affected by the trainer at all.