Steel Division 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It seems like all options except for maybe “Unlimited Ammo” also affected the AI.

This happens on the latest version of the game on Steam with all DLC’s.


Yea, all DLCs, every mode, latest versions since half an year. godmode always applies to hostile units, but I’m not sure if it applies only when you select them, sometimes even hovering with the mouse over them is enough to make them and a lot more behind them (300m) get instantly the godmode as well. had the problem, that on the whole Front it appears, that the AI has suddenly godmode as well. Just go into an battle, turn the Trainer beforehand on, select the stuff you want to use - and wait for your first encounters. It goes in one of 4 battles well, without any issues (for me at least) and when you watch those encounters, yu’ll notice that theres an stalling, because no one dies.


so i give some testing after i try the new update its not consistent some times i can have a entire match without any problem but if i get in the “army general mode” and play for a while there a chance the enemy gets god mod not all units
the god mod for my self is working normal as it should be even for allies but some times they lost units i dont know why but its not a problem as far i have the god mod, also there a bug where units you call after the start of the battle can come with no god mod, happens to me where i have more than 1 company on my command

what i get from the testing is if you turn on the cheats on the battlefield it causes major problems or make problems even worst also its true if you hover your mouse above units can give they god mod both for allies and enemy

The Steel Division 2 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

idk why but it’s not working in general mode,god mode and unlimited general point are not working.


Seconding Siberia, seems all cheats are still not working except for Unlimited Ammo

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