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Stellaris Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Im patient and happy to wait but would it be possible to get an ETA on this fix please?


Dude I think there’s been enough people saying they have been wanting it. I would check time from time but me leaving a worthless message on here asking you to do it isn’t going to do anything as you have more important games to work on correct? As I’ve said you want something done you do it yourself, so I could care less at this point. I just feel bad for everybody else lol


I don’t consider any messages here worthless, if you do that’s really your problem i guess.

Also i don’t think you know how things work in the world so let me explain. Pro members who support and keep this site alive want me to work on new AAA games that are released and keep them up to date! so i strive really hard to do that because i think they deserve that more than me working on updating an old-ass game with barely one user a day using it especially a game that is getting constantly updated after years in development so no “fix” in sight…

I would also appreciate if you stop acting like a dick and put words in my mouth. When i abandon a trainer, i will lock the thread and make it very clear. This trainer is in my to-do list and i am the only one that has to stare at the list everyday i wake up and work on updating the same games over and over and deal with complaints from members ESPECIALLY the ones who will never appreciate my work or this site. Here’s a reminder


Let me ask you something. Do you not get paid to do this? Let me ask you something else have I ever sworn at you in the messages I wrote? You are devoted to the pro members I get it that’s why it may take so long, that’s why I did it myself and advised others to do the same. You want more pro members and you want to keep this site alive? I would advise you to treat the members here with a little more respect. You are so unprofessional in your responses on here. Who would want to give you money after seeing the type of responses you give? I would certainly never want you on any type of customer support.


Dude i can see your one of those angry types but when has being angry at people ever got anyone anywhere? if anything you will just make STN not want to do this trainer just to spite ungrateful sods like you. You can’t ask for something for free and then get angry for not getting it right away, if you pay then its another matter.
Anyway it would still be nice to see an update in future =)


@maaaallen Okay

@Atomicviper Nah, i don’t do anything to spite anyone…that’s not me. I will get the trainer updated asap.


@STN I think @Atomicviper was talking about the other guy not you lol


I was never mad to begin with if you read my previous posts you moron. I just told people to do it themselves if they wanted it done. Lol I could care less if he updates it or not because I already play the game how I want to play it. I don’t kiss his ass for trainers like you do lmao. If anything you should be thanking me because now he’s going to update it lmfao!!!


@maaaallen So when someone is being nice to me, they’re kissing my ass?. People must not act nice to you at all for you to get this twisted view on people.


I don’t have anything else to say to you. I said all I had to say lol


Hahaha @STN i feel bad for you man XD you have to put up with many people like this? and thanks, i don’t want ya to abandon your duties just for me but it would be greatly appreciated =)


Infinite Mineral, Energy, And influence not working also game crashes sometimes when using I also subscribe to their trainer seems to work fine with a lot more options if we could get this game update that would be dope as it is a very immersive and Long strategy game similar to total war in the time it takes to complete one game not much else is similar but yeah would be dope!

Thanks in advance.


Is there an eta until an update fixing the non-functionality of the mineral energy and influence?


Yo dude, take your time. I understand creating/modifying things take so much time (attempted to create a game and I gave up after like 6 months). Ignore the dicks, especially that fuckin p rick maaallen. I’m sure most or some…or just mostly few of us are pretty patient. Not like we all need this trainer to enjoy the game or win.

I’m a basic member and I still support you.


I believe i am speaking for alot of the people in this thread when i say you have quite a bit on your hands and the work that you do is appreciated by many. This guy is a unfortunate exception, however i support you and look forward to the updates you put out, but games are my passion and i like to have fun with cheats sometimes so you provide me with more entertainment. We will patiently wait for you to do your thing. That being said i do have a request if it can be fulfilled during your update of stellaris whenever that may be. If there is any way you could add the infinite ethics/traits points and so forth for creating a race it would be very much appreciated.


Alright this is the last post I’m gonna write on here Lol Haha 21 days ago and you guys still wanna ride my dick. All I said is if you want the thing done do it yourself and everybody lost their minds about it. You can go beg stn for your little stupid trainer without bringing me into it like a 12 year old.


Where does it say that we’re begging?
You’re just being a basic customer p rick.


LOL I said I wouldn’t reply to these but I honestly love it. “niwastanley” what kind of username is that anyway? LMFAO, but let me go into how retarded your reply was lol. A basic customer p rick? 1. I am not a pro member in which I do not pay so therefor I wouldn’t be a customer nor would I ever be lol. 2. I never even said I cared about getting a trainer. 3. Every comment you guys make is essentially “don’t listen to maaallen he’s a p rick we want your trainer when can we get it.” Get a life dude lmao.


So you are just a basic pr1ck?

I think you need to get a life cause you’re glued to this thread when you don’t want anything to do with it, that’s concerning.


The Stellaris cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!