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Stellaris Cheats and Trainer for Steam


You broke the rule for being an idiot.


First of all thanks for all the hard work.
Second, I dont know if you will bother now as there will be an update in 18 days, but for me Unlimited Unity does not do anything and Unlimited Influence gives me unlimited Unity instead. So no way for me to have Influence :confused:


Hey! Don’t know if it’s just my game or what, but nothing is working, but it does say it working.


Well, the only thing that works is the instant research, the rest of it is not working. I believe that the game just updated but the cheat is not so the cheat is not available right now


Ugh, is this the last update?


Most likely not since it’s a paradox game.
But the next one shouldn’t be close


Hey @STN i know its a big update and all + u probs are fixing other things, could we get an ETA on the Trainer update pls? Thanks


Feel free to use the console while waiting for cheats; it does essentially the same thing, with a little extra work. I’d suggest using it in tandem with the trainer even, I find the colonization command super useful for a lazy bum like me.


please update 2.0


It’s in my list, will get to it asap


Can some one update the stellaris trainer they dont work and the game has new upodate!!




The Stellaris cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Thanks STN


For some reason does not matter if i activate the cheats when i’m in main menu or in game, as soon as i un-pause my game crashes to desktop.


Do you have the steam version , it was just updated 4 days ago cant be the trainer


i do. and i figured it out. i had a couple of mods that even tho said they were not outdated, was still causing the crashes


None of the cheats work for me. The game runs like normal, it just doesn’t do anything. I have the latest versions of everything. It just does not work.


Is there a checkmark next to Play?