Stellaris Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The Stellaris cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Hi, my i9 10900k goes to a 100% on my CPU whenever I boot up the game, I think this is a bug caused by the Stellaris mod. I’m not having this issue with any other wemod supported games. The cheats worked initially, at least the ones I tried then the game abruptly crashed. Please help.

Thank you my good sir

Even in Ironman Mode and no mod installed, using the console seems to disable achievement

Don’t know why, when I load the trainer it says it works, but the cheat have no effect. EXpecially “God Mode” and “Fast Research”.

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Is the trainer working again? “God mode” and “Fast research” works fine again?

super max resource limit doesnt work

the console works in iron will mode, fast construction and hiring of units is the same! for the rest there are console commands :laughing:

Adding onto my last message. Super max resource limit does work but not for energy credits, alloys, or consumer goods

The new Artifacts resource is missing a cheat

if you are referring to the minor artefacts just use the console command “minor_artifacts XXX” just enter what you need.

new update: Current iteration of wemod for stellaris appears to still be working at least for the resources…

fast construction does not work when constructing outpost

Hello, currently most of the cheats still work but are out of place. For exa;ple getting 100k goods gives me 100k unity instead etc. Nanites cheat does not work sadly

Mod is causing program to crash upon entering game, directly after load screen. nothing activated.

I have found that launching the game and loading the save first then activating the mod works for me. I typically only really use Console/Dev Mode as you can activate the other cheats through the console which is currently working for me. Hope it helps!

its being weird i had ctrl f9 as a binding but it didn’t work, went to change it to another and it would register, kept coming up as ctrl alt k

Every time I activate the trainer with the console for ironman, map blocks and doesn’t move anymore or switch between galaxy and system
Probably there’s something wrong in the trainer (tried on two different PCs, with and without mods, same result even after reinstalling the game)

No, it’s because you’re pressing ctrl and f10 in game, which locks the map, just do it on the train then tab in the game

Both influence and unity adding no longer work.