Stop trying to charge me

Stop trying to charge me, I don’t want to pay for it, I emailed y’all and you said well get back within 24 hours but you didn’t. Holy ■■■■ stop it, I really don’t want to have to change my card but y’all don’t have a ■■■■■■■ option for me to do it myself, super scammy!!!


dude, you can literally go to settings, account setting, billing, and cancel from there and remove your card. it’s not scammy.

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As with all subscription services across the wide, infinite internet - you control your billing plan from your account settings, which are here: It is not any company’s responsibility to manage your financial affairs, that’s solely your job.

Email responses take three to five business days, depending on how many support requests were sent in before yours. This is the standard response time for any business in any industry and is common knowledge. See here:

Next time, ask politely when you don’t understand something about the most popular and highly rated trainer service, rather than jumping to incorrect conclusions and having an immature, undiplomatic tantrum - which does not resolve anything at all.

Thank you. Topic closed, wait patiently for the very busy support team of the world’s biggest and most popular trainer provider to get around to your email. :slight_smile:

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