Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Cheats and Trainer for Steam

hey, i am currently having the same problems but none of your fixes work. any more ideas?

hey, do you have any idea how to make the cheats work? mine just says we are having trouble finding your game

i restarted it, played it first waited for 5 minutes then Alt+Tabbed to wemod, Ran it as admin, none worked. any ideas?

Did you follow the steps to do the bypass?

yes. exactly as the guide says

i can’t even try to turn the cheats on while playing the game/alt+tab because all it does is just create a new instance of the game/launches another game

hello, i was wondering if there would be a way to add a exp boost or something? would be helpful for those that lose their save and had to restart from the beginning again, also i saw someone mention the medals… that would also be a good on to add at they are hard to get

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Thx for the trainer! Although I would love a cheat where you can get instant affection points for the characters.

Did everything it told me with the.bak and the replacement file but every time I try to activate a cheat it automatically turns off. How do I fix this?

Ok this really needs fixing… I do what you tell us to do yet it won’t work no matter what… :frowning:

well have to wait for them to update it and fix it…

it wont even let me download the custom launcher pls help me!

I found out it was the easy cheat that was causing my main problems. You have to turn that off and go into offline mode.

You can check to see if your firewall is blocking it and add it to the don’t block list.

no it tell me that the name is not correct but i copy paste the name of the launcher

i canot use the trainer can somebody help

Обновите чит пожалуйста

Can confirm that Unlimited Health DOES NOT work, your health bar does not move yes, but I go into BoBS Grandmaster class and get instantly oneshoted, this happens out on the field too, it works to some extent, but take a lot of damage and your health nopes out.

max affinity is not there? it really helps if it’s made too.

for some reason keeps switching to desktop and crashing every so often