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Sword art online FB , hitting play says error easy anti cheat help?


I don’t know how to disable easy anti cheats but I did try this, task manager->services-> EasyAntiCheat->Open Services-> EasyAntiCheat->set automatic to disable.

what am I doing wrong? thanks


I guess you missed the " important notes " to disable eac


no I saw that, still saying error though,.i disabled it by what I posted earyler, but am still having issues…


ive been at this four 4hours straight now, any idea how to disable eac besides what I did?


error message having trouble loloading cheats in your game


okay so I turned it off and disabled it, and am offline in steam, but it still says unable to load cheats into game, I downloaded his folder and switrched them they looked like the same folder they were not .exe if it makes a diffrence


You need to unzip it.