Terraria Cheats and Trainer for Steam

as said in title, the mods for terraria is not working.

its not even working for me. any of them

Okay so the ignore crafting requirements always deactivates after a few seconds for no reason

Is it possible to update the cheats in terraria? and also would if be possible to add one which you could control the time with?

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Any hope of a update? Especially with Journeys End out now?


yeah we need a update


Apon eagerly waiting earlier today for 1.4 to drop so I could use WeMod’s mods in game, I soon found that none of the mods functioned anymore. Myself and others would love to see an update to accommodate for Terraria’s recent changes in the near future. Is there a place we should vote for this already made mod to update?

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Hi! Thanks for using Wemod and welcome to the community.

If you search the Game in Wemod there will normally be “Request Update” Button above the trainer so you can vote to have it updated.
I do see that is missing.

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WeMod is aware that this game has received an update, potentially affecting the compatibility of the trainer.

The developer of this trainer is retired from WeMod. However, it is possible that a new trainer could be made by another trainer developer here on WeMod. I do not have any further information to share about this currently.

As for the missing request update button, see this link here: Why can’t I request an update for a game? - WeMod Support

Plenty of free games available to grab while you wait. For example, Grand Theft Auto V is free this week. Here we go: https://community.wemod.com/c/general/deals/24. :slight_smile:


Hello! n.n We have a problem! when i play the cheats everything its ok, but if i cut some trees or i want to craft something, the game crashes and it close inmediatly

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Read the post directly above yours. It’s a bright colour and has a red exclamation mark above it.

The game was updated therefore you’ll need to vote for the trainer to be updated as it’s incompatible with the new game version. :slight_smile:

I think above that exclamation post you’re talking about it states that the request update button is missing lol.

I think it is a little funny that now the GOG voting reach the mark, the request update button appeared for the Steam version.
Personally using a different app to cheat until this gets updated.

If GOG get an update why cant steam? Steam more used.

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

It didn’t, you’re mistaken. We don’t gave a trainer for the GOG version at this moment in time, so it can’t have been updated.

Besides, trainers are prioritised based on what the community votes for the most. If a GOG version happens to get more community votes than a Steam version, then the GOG version will be the priority. Simple democracy. :slight_smile:

Also, refer to this staff post here: Terraria Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hello there!

I realized there is no request button for the Steam version of Terraria. Is there a reason? It’s “maybe compatible”, so I guess there should be a button… I’m using the windows app and I’m a little confused…

Okay, I saw why.
Sorry for not reading all the replys first!

Hello @jasxos, nice to see you here. :slight_smile:

The missing update request button is explained in this post: Terraria Cheats and Trainer for Steam.
The short version: it either doesn’t need an update or it is already in the queue to be updated as soon as humanly possible. :slight_smile:

Thank you for being Pro. It helps with trainer development a lot, we appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Edit: Ah I replied too late. :laughing:
No need to apologise. :slight_smile:

Update the mod pls.
I need this mod menu to troll a Streamer.

Welcome to the community @sjokopus.

Please read this highlighted staff post here: Terraria Cheats and Trainer for Steam.

Hello everyone! :wave: :smile:

A new trainer for this game has developed by MrAntiFun.
Make sure you select MrAntiFun’s trainer in the WeMod desktop app.

Link to the community thread: Terraria Cheats and Trainer for Steam.

Thank you. :slight_smile: