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The Evil Within Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Sorry to bring this back here, but I just want to update with good news.
I recently did 2 changes. Got a SSD drive for my installed games, and moved from Win7 64 to Win10. I just tested and the trainer is NOT decreasing the framerate anymore! Finally I can replay as a god, with this game that stressed me so much. =)

And I want to add that the +10 ammo is working, but it is tricky, First time with just my revolver, seems that there was no change. Even after reloading. But as soon I found a couple of ammo, the quantity updated, and was even going beyond the max amount. But if I pick up ammo again, will reset to the allowed max. Reloading update the amount.


Can’t get the +10 ammo to work with the shotgun. Seems the only add to the revolver.