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The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam


So im running the 32 version of the forest, The game did just go into full release mode yesterday so that could be as to why none of the cheats are working just wanted to point it out in hopes its an easy fix and update thank you so much :)!


mines still broken no cheats in 32 mode


The game updated to 1.0 this week, wait for either an update or Version Guard


it’s not working for me. please update for v 1.0
thanks alot


They’re working on the update, but you may have to wait for Version Guard


i confirm for 1.0 is not working


update plox


He will update it when version guard is out


so when he updates it after version guard that’s so it will work I’m guessing




when does version guard release?




the mods I can turn them on but they do not work unlimited items keeps turning off same with easy kills no hunger no thirst doesn’t work>:crying_cat_face:


it does not work still :cry::cry::cry::cry:


Start reading what was written in here and you would know why.
STN hasn’t updated the trainer yet.


There is no trainer for v1.05. Could someone add it please.


Read the thread…


… xD


lol ok I just thought stn did update it cause this is the 1st time I could start it up with the trainer


is not working :s