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The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam


thank you but how do i make steam load that one ?


In the game folder you’ll find the exe. Launch that


so is the trainer just out of date or what? i cant seem to get it to work, you said 16 days ago that you were going to fix it. just wondering if i need to keep checking or not.


Launch the 32bit version of the game


i did


I’ve launched with the 32 bit version and the mods don’t work for this game at all. They say they are on but they aren’t


is it going to be fixed or is it just not possible?


any chance of a update to the trainer, new update came out


Mine doesn’t work either, I’ve launched 32 bit, but still nothing.


update to be more descriptive, I have gotten the trainer mods to “turn on”, but they do not work in game. They do turn blue/ make the sound, but even with the earlier suggestion to be hungry before turning on hunger, getting hurt before turning on health, it still does not work.


This trainer needs updating because my cheat engine couldn’t find it.


Run 32bit version of the game!


Even with 32bit version running it doesn’t seem to work at all


How do i force steam to run the 32 bit version? It defaults to 64 bit.


Probably launch options.

Either way, the trainer isnt updated because of many updates for STN. It s holiday now, so i dont know how hard he is working on an update.


He has no holidays


No rest for the wicked :frowning:


Cheats worked once and stopped please fix this!


No cheats are working, 32 bit is running and they can be enabled i have tested them all in various methods in hopes of their activation but to no luck, requesting an update if possible. if not, I recommend ModAPI for use with The Forest, it is running at full functionality with additional mods to Infinity. Insta Build, Speed, Fly, Night light, Cave light etc.

I apologize to you devs for suggesting another modder but the community deserves to play as they see fit.



I wonder if they will be able to fix this game until eternity or is that too short a time and just wishful thinking?.

I don’t know how you guys expect me to keep this trainer updated? The game has been updating every week since 2014.

2014, do you guys know what was happening in 2014? I hadn’t even joined my university back then and i am almost finishing it now. I mean i am almost a microbiologist now (just 2 semesters to go + practical things) and i started later than they started developing this game, i also took a break of one whole year (HOW CRAZY IS THAT). Culturing microorganism is far more dangerous and far more delicate process than making a game and i learned that in less time than them developing this game. How crazy is that. I bet would’ve become a brain surgeon if you had started working towards that in 2014. But they can’t fix this game

How do you expect me to keep a trainer updated for a game like this? The world will probably end before they finish this game.