The Long Dark Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Weight, Items, Durability and crafting do not work. They do not activate at all.

Fly mode doesn’t land for me at all. Deactivates, but still flying.

Stamina doesn’t include ropes.

Wrist and ankle both say they are active but are not. I still sprain them both.

This is on steam, during story mode.

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Bulletproof vest stamina reduced from 100 to 40when unlimited staminaWhen changing the position of the character

A new expansion was recently released Tales from the far Territory
Following does no longer work in Wintermute (Story Mode):
Unlimited Weight.
Unlimited Items.
Unlimited Durability.
Easy Crafting.


Home page opens first. But tld.exe is restarted on opening Wintermute which is not supported by Wemod yet. @ [MrAntiFun] I’d appreciate a look at this.

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Hello, and thank you for your efforts in making this possible. I would like to bring to your attention the following: with the 2.03 update, unlimited durability (UD) in survival mode no longer works on tools and weapons. UD only works on some food items and clothes exceed 100% when UD is activated and then go drop back down to 100% after deactivation. Before your recent December 2022 update, UD was working but some other mods weren’t.


Actually, UD does work, but only when you use the tool, then it goes up to 100+%

Ok so correct me if I’m wrong…if I take a shot with my bow, are you saying that it’ll bring the condition back up to 100% What about the arrow?

Yes use it and it will go back up. Same for arrows… if you have any 100% arrows, drop them, so you use the lesser %.

Just tried it out and it does work…but some items stay at 1000% after you deactivate, I don’t like it. Also there are tools that this doesn’t restore like they can opener. I liked the old way they had it. I only use it now and again for items like the Woodwright Bow.

I’m having a issue with unlimited weight not working period for me. Can’t get it working unfortunately for The Long Dark, and I really wanna use it. Even re-installing the Trainer doesn’t fit it. Also, a minor issue with Unlimited Durability, items still are decaying, some items I picked up are in yellow, while some are displayed with 1,000% rather than 100%. Even picking up yellow items don’t change to 100%, than stay at a low decay %.

Thanks for recently updating.
A few bugs- One is very concerning (Ballistic Vest getting set to 40%).
Durability Issues-
Ballistic Vest goes to 40% if INFINITE Durability is turned on. (reproduced this 2x).
Canned Sardines only go to 67%.

The following items do not change:

Cup of Coffee
Cup of Tea
Salty Crackers
Storm Lantern
Lantern Fuel
Flare Shell
Hunting Knife

As mentioned earlier Water still has weight. As does meats, including bags of meat

Thank you again for all your efforts in making our gameplay more rewarding!

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Could you please fix the trainer for Wintermute. I can’t use most of the choices once I launch it from the main game window. Once it launches unlimited weight and others immediately turn off and won’t allow me to turn them back on.


I’m having the same issues.

Unlimited Weight
Unlimited Items
Unlimited Durability
Easy Crafting

These do not work, and you can not turn them on. I thought it was because those keys are locked in the in game key bindings, but even when i changed it to different key bindings in the menu, they still won’t turn on for more than half a second.

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Found a workaround. Once the wintermute is loaded, click on Play again, wintermute session will be captured and hotkeys will work.

Unlimited Durability is broken for me. TLD 2.06 with WintermuteDLC, playing in survival mode.

That is not a work around since you started the game world before starting the trainer. You basically did what you are suppose to do to get the trainer to work.