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The Witcher 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Do you know how to do it with Gog Galaxy because I only have it on there? Should I just launch it from Gog Galaxy?


Start it normally and attach infinity after that


Thank you for letting me know the trainer is working now.


I’m running a cracked version 1.31 and can’t open the game normally with Infinity. I just got a message saying something like “Was not possible open the game.” So I made it work this way: I left the software open, then I open the game normally. So I clicked on “play” in the software again even with the game already being opened. That way with the game already open the software worked.

Edit: The game crashs when I use Infinite Gold, Unlimited Durability and Infinite Skill Points. :yum:


The cause might be your Cracked version


Oh, thanks.


Seem to be having problems with the XP/Skill Points cheat. Is there a specific point on when I should be using it? On GOG version.

Everything else I’ve tried works so far though so keep up the good work!


The trainer is closing my game during execution, the GOLD version of the steam


Speak English please


Thank you for editing, any other game you have this type of problem?

By the way, do you run Infinity as admin?




me too


The Infinite Gold cheat does not work on the latest updated version (GOTY Edition)
Please help!


It does, your gold will not decrease


I absolutely love Infinity Mod/WeMod, hands down the best trainer tool out there, especially since it automatically updates to the current versions of the game. That being said, I haven’t messed with the Exp cheat yet, but is there anyway you can make a separate cheat to increase your gold? It’s not a HUGE issue, but it would be nice to have that option. Again, thanks for the amazing content!


Yeah sure. I don’t remember why i didn’t do it that way probably cause i didn’t expect this trainer to be used much :smiley:


Umm the infinite skill points and add xp don’t work for me. Both cause my game to crash when i use it. My game is GOG latest version of 1.3.


games still crashing


What is your game version? and when does it crash?. I don’t know how to help when i haven’t a clue about your situation.

I can tell you this though that the trainer is up to date with steam version, has been for a long time.


THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT – GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION V1.31 when i try to use cheats it crashes