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The Witcher 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Don’t use it outside of gwent game.


I wasnt using it and it froze :frowning:


Hello Moe, i just tested and i didnt encounter any problem, i even won two games agaist barthenders to test it, and had it activated while i went from place to place killing monsters on the way, no freeze happened.

Are you launching the game throw steam? I do the following launch game via steam, load game, and then open infinity, and activate it with “play” and then activate the mod.


I will try your methode launche it with steam


everything works except the add exp and infinite skill points any recent updates? it still reads 1.31 so idk


Gog or Steam version?




Hey idk if this happens for everybody but when I activate the cheats it crashes my game. it seems to be randomized, but it seems the unlimited durability and infinite skill points triggers it most. its happened a few good times now. just a heads up, great trainer btw! Origins access btw Is what I play on


So it looks like gog/origin versions are different than steam. Not sure how i can fix this since i only have steam version.


damn well hopefully you can fix it somehow. I appreciate the effort and fast reply. thanks a ton!


I dont know if this would be possible, but an idea for a new cheat, crafting anywhere. Like swords and armor which can normally be crafted by said smith.


@STN Tagging you just in case you haven’t seen this yet.


too busy sadly :frowning:


ok. no worries ^^


so the instant kill keep getting on and of constantly and just that one what sould i do i try deleting and redowloading did not work


What is your game version


the latest on steam so as of now i deleted myy game and i am reinstalling it to see if it fix the problem the game cache was ok so that why i use this other thing it’s the only game that has this problem


@STN If you need any files from the GOG version, I’m happy to oblige. Not sure if this would assist your efforts or not, but the offer is there. :slight_smile:
…the least i can do when i use a few of your trainers. Great work, and thank you.


Send me your game exe. If i can make it launch with my steam version, i’ll see what’s different between those.


Done. Let me know if i did it incorrectly.