theHunter: Call of the Wild Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Carry weight is not working by me

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Carry weight still doesn’t work despite being updated

using freeze animals and disable animal detection plus the telerpot animals to you somehow turns off the ability to high light tracks/calls/warning. or it just disables it. any idea what it could be?

As a non-player of this game, my guess is that because the animal is frozen or has been moved, there are no tracks or calls for the game to generate or render. It’s likely that the game is coded so that they are generated as the animal goes about its business.

im sorry yes you are right i didnt word my post right… even after youy turn it off adn go about you hunt for something else it still doesnt show, ive relogged and or restarted game and also restarted pc only way to get it back ive found is to restart >(

after testing highlight animals is disabled after turning on and off:
disable animal detection
freeze animal

turns back on upon computer restart… not creating a new save or turning mods orr or restarting game… weird !!

any idea

new dlc is messing with tracking animals and vocals when using ur trainer, pls investigate