Tomb Raider

There is only one trainer for Tomb Raider and I didn’t see an option to
contact the creater of this trainer…unlimited health doesn’t work and don’t try to say it does cuz I just died twice everything else works but unlimited health which is kinda frustrating it’s pointless to even have it if its not even gonna work!


Hello and welcome to WeMod! :slight_smile:

There does seem to be a known issue with the infinite health cheat, as some have pointed out in the official thread for the trainer, here: Tomb Raider Cheats and Trainer for Steam.

The person who made the trainer is no longer with WeMod.
However, a member of staff might allow the option to vote for a new trainer to be made ( by one of the current trainer makers here at WeMod. But honestly don’t get your hopes up for a new one any time soon, the game is nearly 7 years old, most of the game’s player-base has moved on.


Add Salvage stops working about a third into the game. These mods shouldn’t be offered in the app if they don’t work. For an alternative, just search for the Tomb Raider trainer by Fling. It works perfect and is much better.

Whoof… just over 3 years :sweat_smile:. Please try to refrain from necroing posts in future!

Regarding Tomb Raider’s Add Salvage mod, another user has mentioned that it works normally with other mods off. Give that a try.