Total War: SHOGUN 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Is it possible to make the horses never die?

I know this trainer is old but could we change it to be able to set the gold amount and not just get a shitload? when you get too much all at once off the bat the AI harass you for money and sometimes I just want to give myself a little bit for one turn not for the whole game

It crashes every time i load into a battle? Even turning off the cheats doesnt do it

This doesn’t work on Gold edition, tried following the important info, yet nothing happens. The cheat seems to activate on wemod but doesn’t do anything in game

Well… I used cheats with the unlimited health during the battle and then the game suddenly crashes :upside_down_face:

I am dying to play Total War Shogun 2 with cheat on my PC but I keep getting the error message " There was a problem loading the mods. If you didn’t close the game, your game version might not be compatible or you my have to allow WeMod thourgh your firewall or anti-virus software"

I have the been using the original Shogun Total War 2 on DVD discs, unknow what version it is. I start the game by Steam and my firewall and anti-virus allows WeMod usage, still I am unable to activate the cheat mode.

Can someone please help me out please?!

My game version is V1.1.0 Build 5934.393228
But I don’t know which version of the trainer to use
The latest and earliest versions are not working

theres an update. please update the trainer for this game


The new update stops the trainer from running


Need update!


Hey guys! We need an update! Hurry up!


The Total War: SHOGUN 2 cheats have been updated!


  • Recover Troop Size cheat added
  • Set Troop Size cheat added
  • Easy Win Battles cheat added
  • Updated notes

Unlimited movement doesn’t seem to work well, and it doesn’t work like it used to. Can you check it again? I used it back then, I could go anywhere, but now I can’t anymore. :disappointed_relieved:


did Unlimited Health is removed?

What version of Shogun 2 does the mod work with? Was working on Monday 29th then now WeMod not working, followed the instructions states still loading Mods after 10 minutes.

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What happened to Godmode?


add unlock all skills please

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Please return cheats to how they were before the update, they were great! Now, I accidentally make my general have 1 unit or 150 units and the whole thing is wack now


Easy win battles is targeting the player