Total War: WARHAMMER 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

In addition to solving the spell CD issue, it would be amazing if you added an infinite amount of some other resource types, such as Dread. Keep up the good work!


+1 on the spell cooldown issue.

I am having the same issue with the spell cooldown. Please fix ASAP.

Instant Skill Cooldown is still not working.
It would be nice to know if you guys are working on TW:Warhammer2.

Big Edit: It is working as intended. To all players who have problems with this. Let the ability/spell be casted and as it goes on cooldown activate the cheat and deactivate the cheat immediatly after, so it doesnt turn grey. If it does, you f***ed up and the ability/spell and the cooldown will stay grey for the rest of the battle.

I hope I could help you with this and I wish you much fun with the game.

There are mods that are way easier to use for this particular error than what you just proposed. That alone says if its possible to have this cheat work as intended from the beggining.

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Any chance of a Xbox update for these mods?

Any chance for a epic games version?

Does this work with Xbox version?

no, this one is for steam.

Hi i was wondering if it was possible to make a unbreakable cheat so your army wont run if the start losing leadership and will stand there ground and fight to the last guy. (i always get annoyed that if the lose they die but still will run) thank you for your time.

Doesn’t work. Your army still becomes fatigued and flees constantly.


Did you read and follow the note at the top of the trainer? :slight_smile:

does this work with mods ?, like the steam workshop one’s, as i figured i’d ask out of curiosity

any chance this may get updated with the same all research complete cheat thing as the third game ?