Trojan Found in WeMod Files

G’day mates!
This very morning my AntiVirus found not one but two Trojan Virus in the WeMod Files Folder.
Now I’m not tech savvy but even I know that this is not something that should be found in a ‘‘safe’’ app.
What’s going on?

Interesting and what files contain the virus? I ask because my antivirus did not find any virus in the wemods files and I have a paid version of eset … And about every 2 weeks I have my computer checked by an antivirus.

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It’s a false positive. Most all trainers you download anywhere usually will be flagged as a virus. We are a legit company that would not upload any kind of virus.
I have been using this since the beginning and every once in a while mine pops up as a virus too.
It is 100 % safe. Honest

Moderators, thank you for reassurance! Appreciate that!

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Yepp no problem. Again 100 % safe

Thank you all for your answers!
I already imagined that it was a false positive, but you can never be too sure.

It is indeed a false positive. Trainers will occasionally trigger antiviruses, no matter where on the internet you get that trainer from. It is because of the way that trainers work - injecting values into your PC’s RAM.

Please use the search feature on the forum, so you can find posts like this one which explains why you are experiencing that and how to resolve it: Windows Defender marked WeMod as a Trojan. :slight_smile:

Since the issue was resolved by @Ptondo, I’ll go ahead and close the thread. Feel free to click the “Solution” button on the bottom of his post, so that the answer will help others in the future.

Thank you and enjoy using WeMod with your games :slight_smile:

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