UBOAT Cheats and Trainer for Steam

unlimited discipline, water, battery and oxygen still create a bug that make the save bug. it is even after Profile - MrAntiFun - WeMod Community said that bug are fix


you need to activate the trainer after creating a save game or it will put your monney in negative

This means that if you start cheating, you have to play the whole game without interruption as soon as you open a new archive, instead of continuing after saving halfway?

Follow your steps and the money will still be affected.

Yeah the only cheat working is the God-Mode, every other one does work, but one cannot save when they are/were activated.

Defiantly was not tested beforehand, cause if it was they released it just to get it off the queue

No, you can’t save the game when you have activated the cheat, but I can get unlimited fuel, battery and money to work

…since the uboat version 128 no other version above can make save game it just get error to save the game
i was able to play uboat with cheats with the version 128…best version stable for cheats

please update! The save doesn’t work

Hy. Torpedoes always only “miss” the target, and they push the ships with them :smiley: and the save doesn’t work

waiting for new update :cry:

check the difficulty setting you set for the torpedo

have the torpedo setting on easy. and God Mod off. unfortunately it didn’t help. the ships are pushed away by the torpedoes, do not explode.

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The only thing that works from time to time is unlimited fuel, nothing else works. Hoping for new update.


Save game wont work…

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needs update. most modes dont work like any related to the crew or ship.

cant save with cheats also.

Needs an Update

With the trainer Active The game will Not save

It’s been an ongoing problem that the updates have been breaking the trainer for a while now and also causing the save to get corrupted, so the trainer probably will not be updated until the game is out of ‘early access’, which since it was projected to be completed this year, maybe it’ll be soon, but who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see at this point.
You can always use the console commands until the trainer is fixed, it’s what I usually do, or there are some mods you can find on the workshop for unlimited electric, fuel, & oxygen.