Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Not sure if this game is supported anymore, It has been some months since there was any activity.

its supported it just has to wait on the update queue gets done faster the more upvotes it has

As far as I can tell everything works except for the instant shipyard construction, that seems to be the only thing the update broke.

Instant Shipyard construction not working

I have checked what works and doesn’t work for the trainer:

Fast build: Works
Instant Research: Works
Instant Shipyard Construction: as stated in the comment above it doesn’t work
Low Water level: Does not work
No Unrest: Works
God Mode: Works
Unlimited Money: Works
Unlimited Navel Prestige: Works
Unlimited Crew Pool: Works
Unlimited Ammo: Works

Of course the most important cheat is not working.

testing newest patch with wemod and so far everything seems to work minus the low water levels and instant shipyard construction. Whenever you’re able to update would be greatly appreciated and if you need help testing in the future lemme know

The Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Would a ship weight freeze or zero weight be possible? I used the Cheat Engine version of it, but they stopped updating it for a while, and it doesn’t work past 1.2.1.

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The new update did not seem to break anything… Yet… He he he…

it does… cheats are for AI aswell as it seems.
at least manpower, money and build in 1 turn i guess.

iam playing a campaign as germany where britain has over 500 ships.
60 BBs alone :smiley:

but they are still working.

I can’t get a battle… UK has only 40 ships and Germany has only 36…
That is on the highest level of hard…
They just won’t engage me… Been at war for 2 (in game) years and NO

Agreed, but also the stop working after a few turns and even reloading doesn’t resolve the issue. The cheats are sort of useless in their current state.

Could we please get a slider to boost GDP growth?

I don’t know if it would be possible but if it is, could you please add an option for infinite fuel.