Unable to install Horizon

This is my first time using Horizon (on this computer at least) and I keep coming across this install issue. I keep getting this error message:

Whenever I press ‘OK’ I get this error message: "

"The path ‘C:\ProgramData\PackageCache{F4623C72-C8DE-420B-98C3-69EF750E4456}v2.8.29\Setup.msi’ cannot be found. verify that you have access to this location and try again, or try to find the installation package ‘Setup.msi’ in a folder from which you can install the product Horizon"

And if I press cancel on the previous message I end up with this message:

"The older version of Horizon cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group."
(which is funny since I have never had Horizon on this computer before.)

This then leads to the error code 0x80070643.
I’m downloading the installer from this website (https://www.wemod.com/horizon). I have NET Framework 3.5 and I am running Windows 7. I also have Norton AV. I have no issues downloading the installer, all my issues come from installing. I would have also included more screenshots, but it wouldn’t let me since I am a “new member”.
Sorry for the long thread, I feel like it needs to be long so that all the information is given. Hope someone can help me.

I am pretty sure that due to umpteen updates and Windows10 You now actually need .NetFramework 4.6?

@frank can clear that detail with a solid yes or know for certain.

As for having dealt with this variety of issue myself on an older system: odds are the package was intercepted by Windows Security.

Since You are using windows 7, much like Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, the default “UAC setting”( User Account Control) is set to medium/high by default and unless You personally adjusted the UAC, I can near guarantee it got blocked by windows as a default safety measure

PERSONALLY, between knowing my system and my A/V provider in great detail and due to the Gross amount of pop up confirmation crap windows likes to barf up …one of the first things I ALWAYS do on a WIN OS pc/laptop is totally disable UAC and just remain intelligently mindful of what I am doing and where on the webs I chose to play.

Clearly You know where the download location of the installer package went since the only way to get a message like that is to run the installer MSI.


  1. Right click it for the menu of options
  2. select “PROPERTIES”
  3. Once that opens …IF the installer is being blocked You will need to go no further because it will show that on the properties as well as the option to UNBLOCK or maybe ALLOW … UNBLOCK or ALLOW it, and the close/save the properties change and then attempt to rerun it.

Cheers for that. I’m yet to run the installer after unblocking it, but if it still doesn’t work, then I shall install net framework 4.6. Not sure what to do if that doesn’t work.

At the minute I’m having to download NET Framework 4.6 because I am still having the same issue. Any other help is greatly appreciated

i cant download the launcher even

im haveing the issue of i download it and it simpley says failed to download it, but im able to go to other websites and download older v but they cant read my Usb flash drive O_o i feel im stuck in this loop and all i wanna do is have fun w simple moding lol can someone help me on this?

Are both of you still having issues downloading it? If you’s are, send me a PM and I can send you a link which you can download a zip file which gives you the application without the need to install it.

Please put Horizon’s setup file into the Norton AV exclusions, and allow the setup file through the firewall, as its needed and the .net framework thats needed the 3.5 default is the minimal for this software. [quote=“Chris, post:3, topic:1838, full:true”]
3.5 sp1
[/quote] Also remember to run the setup as Admin as this will allow it to run fully, as if ran on a limited account it will run into permission issues. Also please take a look at this thread to help you add the setup to your Norton Exclusions so it can run. Failed to Connect to Server or are in Offline Mode? Look here!