Unhandled Exception

Excuse me members of Xboxmb im having a problem with Horizon Diamond and in need of help. I upgraded to Diamond today and whenever i click on “My Profile” or “Mod” it always comes up with “Unhandled exception has occured in your application,” and with the options of Quit or continue; well theres always details. I’ve done some things like update my computer to try to get this to work, but obviously it hasn’t. Please help!

P.s. i have teamviewer if anyone wants to take a look at it themselves

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that happens like on other things to me press ok if it comes back exit the little tab its saying it in

I am in bed right now but I can teamview you tomorrow if needed.
Right now, try running as admin.

If that doesn’t work, navigate to

Delete the folder called;

Xenocode and XboxMB

Have you tried redowloading horizon yet?

Do you mean continue and it happens to me on Mod, also happens to me whenever i click Add all.
Also Pavman i have redownloaded it and teamviewer will probably be necassary if i can’t get in here soon, and i currently can not find those two folders in local

Well i can Teamview right now and take a look, send me your ID and pss and i will try nd get this problem fixed :smile:

I can team view you.

Send me your details in a pm.

Teamviewing now, will post back with results :smile:

Edit, it is a .NET frame work error, fixing his .NET now.

Thanks man the problem is fixed, great service from XboxMB

If a Mod or H pro could please close.

VeNiiM i love you lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you got it worked out.

Great work Venim.

Edit: It’s coming up again.

Also there is no folder named XBoxmd nor Xenocode in my appdata folder, actually theres nothing in it

Has the problem changed or is it the same?

im still having the unhandled exception whenever i click on certain things, and i was going to go delete my xboxmd and xenocode folders and i cant find them anywhere

Uhm do you mind Teamviewing again, i can try and find the folders again, i just got home.

Sorry that the problem is coming back up :confused:

I’m helping him now, I think I may know what the problem is but I can’t be too sure yet.

Have you found the folders in the appdata?

If they aren’t there i saw them last night when i was helping him.

I didn’t check that yet, I was installing updates because sometimes Windows update is the problem to some causes, I had him restart then I will dive deeper to try to find some more information about it.

Alright well keep this updated, i really wanna see the fix for this problem :smile:

Delete Horizon, restart your PC and then download it again.

That is NOT a .NET framework error. So you don’t need to repair and install, it won’t help.

What are you trying to mod, save or profile?

I send him my horizon, it didn’t work, it was all with in the Forza 4 editor by the way.

I am testing some things to see if i can get the error.

Its a known bug with the editor. There may be a fix coming soon as I read through another thread where this was mentioned.