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Using Horizon to modify Fable 2?

I always hated that i cant punch in fable 2…
I found a way to unequip melee weapons but pressing X doesn’t do anything! T.T

Is there any way i could use Horizon to help me out on this one?

The first npc you fight as a child fights by punching, so i know it can be done, just diddnt know if we are there yet.

thanks for your time guys.

Hey! Welcome to the community!

Here’s an old thread about Fable 2 and Horizon: Horizon | How to Mod Your Fable 2 Strength, Skill and More!.

The first post lists all of the capabilities of Horizon for use with Fable 2. Horizon is pretty much used to modify numerical based elements in games (ammo, health, items, character level, etc.) and not so much character traits like the one you are describing. A glitch or exploit to allow punching during normal gameplay will likely be your best bet and Google is your friend with that.

Sorry to be a downer, but I hope I was of some assistance :slight_smile:

ummm I recall the 2 player glitch where if you had some stats set for skills and attributes you’d have a second player join locally and then un-assign the skills and attributes and make the second player leave which would then prompt the player to give all those skill points to the main player. and then rinse and repeat the process.

as i mentioned i know of a glitch to unequip weapons, but then pressing x does nothing.
if your thinking of another glitch that allows punching or something then please point me towards it man.


This helps me be able to punch in fable2?

no. the only way to punch (not sure if this actually a thing) would be to mod the core files of the game but since there was never a pc port of fable 2 I doubt such a mod would even exist.

T.T rip