Valheim Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Love this works great xoxoxoxo, was wondering if it would be possible to get an enable flight toggle?

think we need an update…

Great work on the trainer BTW


Yeah, a few options seem to require an update. Thanks for the trainer!

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Unlimited durability no longer affects clothing/armor.
Other than that, the rest of the cheats seem to be working fine.


Was working flawlessly up until about yesterday when all of a sudden the game itself crashes whenever I try and load through a portal. Im unsure if maybe its a certain cheat causing this issue but either or, the game seems to crash when I use the trainer. Much love though and I love the trainer, just needs an update :slight_smile:



I have a suggestion. Could we get a cheat for indestructible buildings that were built by the player?

It seems that for myself that the Unlimited Items cheat does not seem to be working, and other than that the other cheats seem fine.