Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector Cheats and Trainer for Steam

ok, I finished mission 7 without cheats, the cheats work on the following missions 8/9/10…
I guess the problem with mission 7 is that you don’t play first, if that matters…

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Same here. The cheats don’t apply to the player and only to the one who goes first. In Mission 7 where they introduce the Exocrine, the tyranids went first and they got all the cheats.

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Yea can confirm that the Nids get the cheats instead of the player, maybe a fix is in order?

If someone wants to provide stinger with their save game at that point it can be looked into.

Got a save stinger can use. Attach here or DM?

WTF?! Nids get the cheats?!

Any update on this? Nids still get the cheats on Mission 7: Place of Challenges and I get slaughtered before I can even move