Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It isn’t a trainer issue. The game is launched in a modded realm when using the trainer. If you want loot/XP you will need to play the game without a trainer.

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could you explain? I mean… is it possible (for example, after an update) to have cheats like godmode AND gain exp / loot for it?

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If that was the case then I am curious why it was working as intended before but not now.

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Well, hard to go off that previous statement without any follow up so I will again bring up that an update to this game would be highly appreciated. Bypassing modded mode was a core function before and one I would greatly love to see again. Also it would be good to know the coding now as further updates are planned for the game as well as a new game from the same company.

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WeMod never had the ability to bypass using a modded realm. As you can see from the trainer notes on a previously trainer a modded realm was required


Thats good to know, wonder why that info wasnt in the current version. Guess it was never really a trainer so much as just another mod then. Thats a shame.

Thank you for the follow up.

Soooo… wait. English is not my first language and so I dont understand everything xD

So… is it possible to cheat AND gain exp / loot? I mean, if someone plays in the modded realm and disables the EasyAntiCheat is it then possible to cheat and gain exp/ loot?

No, modded realms do not earn xp or loot. That was done by the game developers.

Question for this Trainer. I’m not seeing the message saying that “You need to play in Modded Realm for cheats to work” anymore. Does that mean that we can use it in Official Realm now? Here’s proof to the missing message: Screenshot - d83503446e6d096baec18c984de5a593 - Gyazo

No, the game must be launched through WeMod which will automatically limit you to modded realms.

Understood. Thank you for clearing up this confusion.

will you ever be able to go back and play without the mods and play wit your friends online?

why you dont lable it as paid?
waste my time

All trainers in WeMod are free to use.

Will u guys someday be able to cheat on the main realm so then we can earn items and exp?
Or this is really impossible?




There’s some other sites that are doing a paid trainer for it, however I cannot confirm its legit or genuine. I’d love to have the exp and loot grind removed from the game but there’s probably a big reason WeMod can only work on modded realms.

Came here wondering why it wasn’t working. Why isn’t the note to play in modded realm not included in the current version of the trainer?

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need update

The cheats work in the sense that your party’s HP never decreases and you will never run out of ammunition even in the official realm BUT the progression of the game, XP and loot is disabled, you can not claim loot nor can you gain XP. As is the cheat is completely useless.

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