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The Watch Dogs cheats have been updated!


  • Released trainer with 18 cheats

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Hi there,
I have been testing it for a while and all seems to be working except the (EDIT:) “Unlimited Spider Energy” stuff. After activating the cheat, following happens:

Normally when you press “A” your character moves left. After activating the cheat, character starts moving counter-clockwise. Same happens with “D” except he moves clockwise. I also tried rebinding the toggles and its not in it, must be the code stuff.

Then I accepted some random mission on the street where I had to follow someone and they were still able to see me and shot at me with “Undetected in Missions” enabled.

Thats the only issue I found in this trainer, every other option works well.

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unlimited skillpoints not working


Open Statistics Window after activating the cheat .


ive only used a few cheats such as money, level, xp, and spider energy those all work. but the ones that i tried and dont work are unlimited digital trip time and skill points and i doing something wrong? or is the trainer somehow out of date. ive launched the game with wemod and turned on wemod while already in game and neither seem to get this to work

Do I need to start a new game to use it? the skill points one wont work. and can you make one for bad blood dlc?

where do I find that?

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Statistics window has be in options when you press pause or select then game goes into your menu

skill point cheat does not work exp cheat does not work I have had the statistics window open and it still did not work, the one cheat that did work was the money cheat that is it.


Hello, I can’t seem to get the Unlimited Skill Points to work, Please can you help me?

the unlimited health does not work if you take damage from falling, you still die

The Unlimited Health does not work and Unlimited Skill Points and Unlimited Car Health too. version Uplay

Been a very long time since I played this game, but I believe death from falling is a scripted event. Trainers cannot do anything about scripted events. You’ll just have to sort of stop falling from very high things. :man_shrugging: :laughing:

Hey, not sure whats going on or if im not using the cheats correctly, but the unlimited skill points wont give me any skill points, nor freeze my current ones. Also, the give 500 points cheat will not do anything when reaching the max, it will go past the level up mark, and when I do level up, nothing happens besides my level up counter going past level 50. Please, would like some help to figure out whats happening.

Is your copy of the game bought from Uplay or is it the free Epic Games version being given away for free this week? If it’s the Epic version, this trainer is not guaranteed to work as it was designed for the Uplay version. However you could request an Epic version via the WeMod desktop app.

Either way, try opening the statistics window in the game before you activate the cheat.

Hey, I have it free from the Epic Games, and tho I linked my Uplay account too, but when I open the phone, go to statistics app, and try the level-up cheats or skillpoints they won’t work. I’ve seen that unlimited skillpoints doesn’t work, but for me not even Level-Up or Add EXP, and if I activate the Unlimited Items/Ammo from F8 my character won’t follow the aim and goes wherever he wants. But I can just activate and de-activate and i have 999 so idc. But I wanna know what I do wrong, why I can’t level up?

This trainer was designed for the Watch Dogs version of the game published on Uplay. Adding the Epic version of the game to the Uplay launcher or linking your Uplay account in the game will not magically convert the Epic version into the Uplay version - the game’s coding still have differences.

You’ll need to vote for a trainer for the Epic version via your WeMod desktop app. This post shows how: Click Here.

how do I access the statics window