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Watch Dogs Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

I haven’t played Watch Dogs for a long time so unfortunately I’ve forgotten. Try looking in the control settings when you pause the game. :slight_smile:

the Unlimited Skill Points does not work!

@StaticCoder33 Did you read the important note in the first post?

Open the statistics window before using any point-related cheats.

@Ravenfyre I had the Statistics window open before enabling the unlimited skill points and it doesn’t seem to work for me.

unlimited skillpoints does not work

Awesome trainer, but unlimited skill points does not work even after activating it while on the statistics window.

I wanna report back that unlimited cash and skill points doesn’t work with uplay version, so does add level 1 and add exp 500. I tried unlimited battery and reputation and they both works fine. I understand that one must open statistics window after active the cash cheat, the statistics window is the at the cellphone bottom of left side, right? I tried that, didn’t work, hope fix.

Unlimited points are broken. Please fix it!

The whole trainer needs an update, last trainer release was 9-8-2019.
i bought the game last weak and use uplay.
for instance health, ammo, no reload and stay undetected doesn’t work. Also, when cheats are activated you’re bound to stay in a certain area of approximately 200m. leave the area, you die.

i really hope for a new version.

my thanks.