Weird West Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

Some cheats (reputation) work, but the money, nimp, and the golden one (I forget what it’s called), IF they turn on, they shut off on their own after a few seconds, and they do nothing for me. I have no money working, and no skill items. Also, unlimited durability and the ignore crafting requirements ones do not work either. they are the same as the gold, nimp, ect. ones.

I should also state that I am using the latest version of the XBOX game through the app for PC. I used the trainer before, and it worked perfectly, but now it basically says the trainer is out of date for my version of the game, and it updated again today (06/24/2022).

The Weird West cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

It still says it’s not up to date with the current version of the game, so might still have compatibility issues. It does finally change to “playing” status now though. It also is working perfectly for me.

This is an issue with Xbox timestamps.