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Here weee goooo.


Welcome to our little secret :smile:


Woo! Time for a change :slight_smile:


We’re going to need to get these emojis changed ASAP.


Welcome everyone! @Zach we are leaving them just because you don’t like them.


exactly the same thing i said rofl


Nonono these are the Android emojis. A.K.A. the better emojis.


Oh please. #iPhoneMasterRace


Hi lol :sunglasses:


10th :100: :100: :100: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


I’m sorry, but this forum layout is AWFUL. Please go back to something somewhat familiar.


dude u have to look at the emojis first :100: :fire:


Cheater be like “We’re live on Saturday.” Saturday came early :(. Too much change though, forums are disgusting tbh.


Yeah just a tip… You could have previewed the new forum style for a couple weeks to see if it would be a hit or a miss. I for one don’t care about emojis because I never use them anyways. The old layout was much better, it just needed a face lift. If this is the permanent style, I’m probably going to find another forum, it’s that bad.


ITT for the next couple days: People whining about change.

The new site will be hard to get used to but it has huge advantages over vBulletin.


Try it out for a week and see how it is and provide feedback on what you’d change and what have you. I was personally growing tired of vBulletin and this is a nice refresher.


I mean aren’t you saying that cause you probably already knew the change was coming since you’re staff and probably helped check for bugs on the website along with beta testers, meaning you grew accustomed to seeing the other website before-hand? (Just my hunch, not sure if staff and beta testers had access to the new website before it launched.)


It’s just completely opposite of what we’re used to. I’ll give it a week, but I can tell you now my opinion probably won’t change. Like Killah said, this is too much change too soon. I feel like I’m on a mobile version of a website via a desktop pc.


No one has used this before, we’re all in the same boat. Read the blog post.