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Welcome to WeMod!


Beta testers had no access to the forums. Only staff (admins only?) before hand. We got to test the new tool Infinity that’s it.

The site isn’t hard to use or navigate. It’s really simple and I’m already finding it faster than HorizonMB. As Cheater showed me when I saw the site, bigger communities are starting to use it like Imgur. It’s slowly taking over vBulletin and other forums. I like it and just started using it today. Give it time, plus you’ll never get a tool like Infinity :wink:


Forums should mainly be for discussion anyway, not aesthetics. Honestly this is my first time actually using the forum and I love it cause of the features it has, everything is actually in real time now which is a big plus and the only thing I personally think needs to be added is more sub hubs. :fire: :fire: :100:


I agree 100%. I loved the previous site style so much it’s the main reason I came back everyday. I’m going to stick around and hopefully it grows on me but it’s hard to think it will.

I swear it’s like I just woke up on some alien planet.


I miss name colors.


Only about 10 of us had access to the forum before launch and no one even used it then. It is different but a lot of people were complaining that we weren’t changing anything at all. VBulletin is outdated and it was time for a total overhaul. Discourse is a new format that I haven’t seen any other forum software use.


@Chris Turtle Rock Studios use it also if I remember correctly. I only noticed when I use to follow Evolve news


Imgur uses it also for their community.


Yeah, I can see why


LessThan3 here.

I can’t even log into my account from HMB here, none of my emails work so I have no idea what to do with regards to that.

The forum layout on mobile is AWFUL. It’s literally so difficult to navigate and there’s so much crammed into such a small space. Switching to desktop view did nothing but add more clutter (it doesn’t even look like the desktop site ->

How the hell do I log into my old account?


I sent you a PM. Definitely stick with the mobile theme on mobile. The desktop theme will look crushed.


Right I’ll try it tomorrow on a computer if I get to one.

I absolutely hate mobile themes in general for forums. I always use the desktop version for browsing on my phone, which is what I usually use to do so since I’m never really at a computer.

The mobile theme really isn’t much better ( it looks nice on threads but that’s about it.

I will need to see what it looks like on PC but like I said I rarely use it for browsing anymore.


Site looks strange but I’m sure it’s just because I’m not used to it. Will have to check out the new tool later too, nice work gang.


So you guys don’t like the better Android emojis?


they’re too blobby


I switched it to the Twitter emojis. I like them :smiley:


I guess I’ll give Discourse a try and continue to lurk like I did on VB…
But yeh, can we get a Community tab at the top on :3.


I’m trying to figure out where we can put it. I figured most people had the forum bookmarked - not the homepage.


I was thinking maybe a temporary banner under the header?


I was going to say maybe remove the Infinity and Horizon tabs and put Community there since it’s already on the main page twice :stuck_out_tongue:.

But then I realized if someone clicks, lets say Infinity, they’d have to go back to the main page to go to the Horizon tab and vice versa ;__;.

Maybe if it doesn’t require all the recoding just squeeze it between Diamond and My Account :3.


The problem is really with mobile. Make your window more narrow, and you will see it’s difficult to squeeze another link in there.