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Welcome to WeMod!


Well I’ll usually use this time to mock you and horizon’s new launch time. Alas Psyco and my drunken ass have been pissing you off for the past year or so, annoying you to give us something to test. I’m glad you caved, I expect community gay Psyco and my name to be included at the top of your thank list. Seriously though, thanks for the opportunity to test for the past undisclosed period, means a lot sweetcheeks. I’m only hoping for the best from now on, and more diverse growth soon. Hopefully the hard work, from you, yourself Frank, Thierry, Zach, Chris, STN, the staff ,the beta testers, the persons who I don’t know involved and of course Travis who did nothing, it all pays off. Glad I could contribute so little but a part nonetheless. Thanks/


But the web version has a drop down menu (at least on Android Master Race), so wouldn’t the link just get added into that?


Glad to be here.


Looking great. Nice to see big changes :slight_smile:


Look’s great. I was blown away when I saw you could use a smartphone for your PC modding! Great job!


I replaced the Diamond link with a Community link, but only on the homepage. That should clear up a lot of confusion!


It’s finally arrived, Good job “Cheater” and Staff!


This is pretty sweet, I love it already honestly! :sunglasses:


i can get used to this.
well i am. since ill be gaming again soon.


#TeamWindowsPhone c’mon, more Microsoft would be nice! WeMod Windows App? What!? Probably not? #sad


Does anyone use windowsphone ? lol


I hear one guy bought one once, might be an urban legend though.


The navigation on mobile is quite something. :smiley:


Not sure if it’s just my site or me missing something but the titles to the right of people’s names seem to link to the wrong page quite a bit. For example Raptor’s says “HorizonMB” but links to the Admins usergroup. Quite a few people who have multiple titles link to a different one than the one being displayed too.


Meh, I don’t like it.


I like it. Time to explore infinity. Good work guys!


This new site is so confusing lol


What is confusing about it?


Liked by accident lol.

I was super confused last night, but I must say after about 3 hours of use I’m getting the hang of it, and enjoying it more than I thought I would.

Using my Android phone atm and must say it’s quite smooth on it.


Glad to hear that. I really think over the next few weeks that we’ll all notice a huge increase in site activity. Discourse encourages participation in a lot of ways. Between getting notifications in real time, the addicting like button, and the ease of navigation, there’s a lot to keep you coming back. I’m even finding myself wanting to post more.

I do understand everyones frustration over losing certain features. For one, the thanks count. (Although, you can see a leaderboard here:

Second, visitor messages are gone, but I feel this will encourage more discussion.

Third, signatures are now user cards which show all of your badges and another image. (If you guys have any ideas for what badges we should add, take a look at the list here:

Also, if you want to change your user title, go to your profile and then preferences.