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Welcome to WeMod!


I went to my preferences and changed my title to “HorizonMB”. I also just noticed I can change it to “Diamond” even though I do not have Diamond purchased.


Did you ever have Diamond? It’ll give it to you if you ever subscribed. You just won’t be in the group.


It’s just new and i dunno how to use it lol


This will take some getting used to XD, but change is good!


Exciting :slight_smile: I’m liking the new layout already.


The only thing that bothers me is that my trust level is member.


That is the default for everyone. It has nothing to do with your diamond status. Discourse has a built in system to give people more abilities such as mod if they reach a certain amount of likes and post. I don’t think we have it enabled at this time though.


I’m all for change but this is going to take some time to get used to. Pretty cool surprise though.


I know this was just an experience done by Dave back when he visited, but think we can get like a chatbox or something? Not a priority or anything important, but if its possible and easy to set up on this, should add it.
The previous one was dead because no one knew the link, but there were times when we had like 10 people on who would actually talk.
I know that @Jimmy, @Zodiac and I used it and would talk to each other :stuck_out_tongue:.


I won’t consider a chat box till the community is extremely active again.


Hey it’s Jeremy. 3 problems:

  1. I can’t log into my HorizonMB account.
  2. I can’t log into my test site account.
  3. I can’t use the username from my test site account (Jeremy) even though it doesn’t exist on this site.


Use your horizonmb email and password. It should work. The test site is completely different.


Is the couch relevant to modding? Or is that just Chris’s casting couch?


Its Frank`s couch, he is very sentimental about it, even ive suggested he get a stressless couch, they are much better.


Also when downloading infinity it installs NET framework 4.5 then says that I need 4.6 and it cant complete the installation.


Crazy, what a huge change to the site.
I see many things didn’t change though. Chris still sucks, I STILL haven’t gotten the MSP I won in the big giveaway a couple of years ago (that giveaway was totally rigged, admit it) and G_Man still hasn’t invited me to Scotland. But I’m not a special snowflake anymore without my Epic tag, so I’ll go cry in a corner now.

I’m curious to see what the future will bring for this site.


You know you love me, don’t lie!


I believe I was a winner in that same 10 or 20 MSP giveaway. My code never worked either.

You should stick around, the future should be good for us.


Why will not my horizon open does anyone know i have disabled my firewall and my anti virus and it keeps saying horizon has stopped working

#84 new to this and I want cheats for nfs can I get them