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WeMod Forum Dark Theme v3 (UPDATED)


Looks great as always, just saw something more.
When i tested out the new version i saw this.

Its everytime you go to your own user.
Before the banner is expanded.


Forgot to comment but this and some other small things have been fixed.



Just noticed something that maybe should be changed

When you try to share a post it maybe looking a bit odd.



Just saw this,

Idk why its yellowish maybe its cause its an announcement post or something like that.
But with the dark theme it dont work that well i think.
I bet some other signal color would work?

Link to post Here :slight_smile: If you need to look into it.



Just noticed this,

Seems like links have a dark color. So you cant see it using the theme :slight_smile:


Everything should be fixed now. The only one I’m not seeing though is:


Not there for me anymore either, its an announcement tho.
Maybe it disappear if you have already visited the topic once before.


@Hova Im sure why “Hawk” is lighting up there, but yeah.
No rush but maybe you want to change the color on?

Link to post

Anyway, edited the topic`s name btw.
Since its v3 and not v2


Hmm, I’m not too sure since It’s not showing for me. If it’s still there can you right click > inspect and then send me a screenshot of the area.


Um, seems like it disappear when i revisit it. Idk, ill do it next time :wink:



Something more i found. I know you got a easy fix for it.

Recieved, Given, Topics, etc. Tabs.

I bet you can do like you did on the front page :3

Btw, that guy @STN is so fake, he is buying likes :open_mouth:


Found something more you might have an fix for the poll system.
Seems like the result`s are almost the same color as the back ground.
So the % of how much the bar is filled in the results can be confusing:

  • Super kool
  • Super ultra duper 1337 kool

0 voters

Um not a good example with just one voter, this is maybe a better example. :3


Noticed this in the categories tab,
The titles of catagories are black like background


I came here to bump it, i saw you didnt mentioned @Hova
So i dont know if he saw it.

Anyway keep up the good work @Hova :slight_smile:


oh ok ,


I didn’t notice that, until you said something. I thought it was supposed to look that way.


Been really busy with work but I’ll try and have this updated by Thursday.


No rush, your work is solid anyway :slight_smile:


All requests should be fixed now:

Version number should be 3.1


@Hova Found something minor you might want to fix.
The top banner is black now. So when you hold your mouse over Infinity, Horizon and My account.
It whill appear blue because of the they changed the color.
Dont think we should keep it because of we kinda removed the blue.

Anyway as always no rush, love your work :slight_smile:


Found some more on, if you go to
You get these white colors.