Wemod setup not opening and can not be installed successfully

i am using wemod for a year now and I opened it today just fine for a game I close the game after I finished something i wanted to do and also closed wemod about 30 minutes later I tried to open it again and it said that this is a sort cat for an exe file that does not exist so I searched for the exe file it said the same I deleted it and re install it said that it cant be successfully installed open setup log or close


A security program on your PC or network likely, for no real reason, decided it no longer likes WeMod.

The full troubleshooting is here: I can’t Install WeMod / "There was a error installing the application" - #2 by Ravenfyre. The title is slightly different to your issue, but all the steps are the same.

thank you it was a big help

Glad to hear that.

Enjoy using WeMod with your games! :smiley: