WeMod trainers won't work, keep loading

So I was using WeMod the other day, it was working perfectly fine. But today when I tried to use WeMod, for NeonAbyss ( Epic Games version ) and Outlast 2 ( Steam version ), the trainers won’t work anymore. It keeps loading after I clicked Play, Usually, WeMod will automatically open the games but today it did not do that and just stuck on Loading. I even tried launching the game before using the trainer and still, it did not work. I am currently using Windows 11, Kaspersky Total AntiVirus. Please help me find a way to fix this, thank you !

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This type of behaviour is very typical of security software on your machine or network interfering with WeMod’s injection of the cheats into the RAM of your machine.
Even if the security software was fine with it before, that can suddenly change at any time after either software updates. Kaspersky is one of the more “heavy-handed” anti-viruses, which tends to be overcautious. Which isn’t a bad thing, of course, just means you sometimes need to be more “hands on” and manually control what it doesn’t let through.

This thread should hopefully help: "Wemod failed loading the cheats into your game" / "We’re having trouble downloading the cheats" - #2 by Ravenfyre.

Thank you so much for the suggestion! So I’m currently doing the Antivirus Part 1, I deleted all the folders, uninstalled WeMod, and downloaded the setup.exe but the installation progress for WeMod keeps loading at 1%, does the setup need a good internet connection in order to download WeMod? Because the app is only 82MB and I believe my internet is not that bad for it to be stuck at 1%. Maybe because I’m having an online meeting.

Thank you so much, it worked now. It just took longer to load the cheat now than before. I’m really glad you helped me. Much love !

Hello and thank you for the update.

Glad to hear it has been resolved.
And yes I’ve experienced some games taking slightly longer than others to have cheats injected into them, which is due to a combination of factors. If the trainer instructions don’t say you need to launch the game through the Play button in WeMod, it may help to launch the game first, go and make a cup of tea or something, then press Play on the trainer once you’re back. :slight_smile:

Enjoy and have fun!

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