WePoints Reset Incoming

We’re excited to say that we’re very close to the WeMod 3.0 launch! With the impending release we’re going to be resetting all WePoints on August 16th, 2017.

Any WePoints earned in the last 30 days will remain and any member who went Pro will receive 10k WePoints. Any votes cast will convert to the new system.

We need to have a sitewide reset because we’re making some big changes to the request system, and we’re adding more ways to spend WePoints very soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! Thanks.


Guess I might as well dump my points into something then.

Bejeweled 3 it is


I demand no less than 30k points… For pain and suffering and all that jazz

This better be the first game to be funded on the new system or else I quit.

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Damn it, NO

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Is that a promise travis? :heart_eyes:



I have 29.6K I’m gonna put towards a game or games. Any suggestions?

Bejeweled 3

Yaa guess I better use mine I have 46.6k so looks like I better find a game

Dude, it’s already fully funded. Maybe @ptondo or @N1ceToMeetYou dumped all theirs into it.

Yeah I dumped mine and @MrPrecise made it fully funded

My answer stands

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@Travis Damm I guess your staying then ? Lol


@STN i had 24700 we points now ive only got 4750 but i saw someone who posted that they had 6400 but only lost 3000 how does this work??

Question regarding game endorsement points. I have been putting every point I have earned into Resident Evil Remastered for about 3+ months, got excited when it got enough interested to be fourth highest non-filled request (around 200,000 out of 250,000). Looking at it now, The requests are down to 209 out of 1000, does this mean all the points put into it by myself and other members were essentially wasted so far?

So no points are wasted but now the requests are sorted by the actual number of votes they had/have. Games in the list will go down or up accordingly.